About Us

2905Both Diane and LynAnn are unique in that they both have completed the protocol with stellar success. They have guided literally hundreds of women and men towards reclaiming their desired goal weight. Both accomplished professionals have built a strong community around embracing this renewed, slimmer lifestyle before, during and after protocol, as well as offering cooking classes and teaching client’s about wise alternative food choices that ensure their continued success.

2970About LynAnn King – Marketing Visionary | Entertainer | Publicist | Weight-loss Coach LynAnn King is the co-founder of Beauty and the Beast Now with her twin sister Diane. She successfully launched KingSings PR, a marketing solutions boutique agency, with decades of experience supporting small business establishments and rolling out big idea projects. The co-author of Woman Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, she is passionate about obtaining positive publicity, recognition and increased sales and visibility for her diverse clients. Now, with the launch of Beauty and the Beast Now, she has both marketing expertise and personal renewed confidence in her visual presentation. “I had gained a few pounds every year and with my work schedule, found it impossible to diet. I discovered hCG, and lost 37 pounds! Yay! An attractive woman again, in business and on stage.”

LynAnn is an accomplished professional romantic jazz singer in theatre and on stage, and had those increased pounds, bulging waist and armpits, that didn’t look good in sleek, close to the body evening wear; undesirable, not seductive as a sultry singer/performer is expected to be. The 3 most horrible letters in the English language is “fat”.

3068About Diane King Vetterlein – Event Coordinator & Owner of Events Fantastiques | Weight-loss Coach Diane is a domestic goddess at heart. She loves creating beauty whether it be in the home or assisting individuals and clients to restore themselves physically to their former beautiful body selves. Just a few short years ago, she felt that perhaps she was “going to seed” as she hit those dreaded menopause years. Always complimented on her beauty, she began to see those dreaded pounds creep up. Worst of all, she felt matronly, unsexy, becoming one of those older “invisible” women. Only after two rounds of hCG, her world opened up: Each morning, her bathroom scale revealed a slimmer number, and she began to wear those revealing, slim clothes that showed off her dwindling waistline. In addition, she went from a 38DD to a 34DDD bust size. Gone, too, was the double and triple chin. People noticed and commented on her lovely smile and big eyes. She is convinced that hCG saved her life and put her back in the game of life. “So what if I’m close to 60; if a woman is happy, enthusiastic about life, feels great about herself and feels sexy, then there is lots of fun ahead for her.” 

Happy New Year from Beauty and the Beast Now