Going from Good the Great - Meet Nina and read her TestimonalGoing from Good the Great – Meet Nina

“Over the period of six short weeks my life changed. Not only did I lose 25 pounds, but more importantly I learned this wasn’t a diet as much as a new way of eating and thinking. Diane helped me every day with phone calls or texts taking me gently through the process of how I viewed this new experience. There were fantastic cooking lessons showing me how to make healthy foods and desserts that would taste great and be healthy for me and my family. I was surprised by how easy the diet was and how great I felt. It was like a yellow-brick-road adventure into a new way of being for me.” Read the full Testimonial – Nina

Colleen Abrie 4-pics before & after PNGColleen Abrie Bio PhotoColleen Abrie, Image Consultant & Head-to-Toe-Stylist
“Working with LynAnn during my weight-loss process was like having a knowledgeable coach and cheerleader at my side every day. From recipes to daily menu adjustments in my regime to bump the scale or lift my energy, she was right there with me. I will continue to recommend friends and clients to her coaching process because she will not only help you get results but help you change your life!”

James Swanseen  Joe Before & After
Meet James, Lawyer                                                 Meet Joe – New York Actor and Comedian

“I just knew that my weight was getting in the way of being promoted, so of course I had to do something about it. Thanks to LynAnn, I was able to slim back down. It also made dating a blast.”
~ High Powered Executive

Veronica Before & AfterVeronica lost 23 pounds in one round of hCG! (In her early 70’s and she’s stunning.)
“It was delightful working with both Diane and LynAnn. I also learned a lot about myself, it was a personal growth spurt. I have more confidence in myself, knowing that I could look like I wanted to look. I actually had fun picking out bathing suits, the first time ever; I wore 2-piece bathing suits.

Doing this downsizing protocol has inspired my whole second half of my life. I feel great; I’m excited about my wardrobe and picking out clothes. I’m enthused about going to places because I feel I look good. I don’t have fear about gaining weight or getting fat again. The diet itself was so inspiring because I could see a difference in a short period of time, plus it wasn’t’ that hard.
It gave me planned eating habits for my life. I’m feeling healthier, more fit, energized and enthused.”Nicanor-BeforePNG Nicanor-AfterPNGNicanor is way too busy as a top notch hair designer and entrepreneur launching his next big project, so his testimonial is in the cue. But just look at the Before & After of this handsome guy!



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