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Fall Reset Intensive Mind,
Body & Spirit 30-Day Challenge

When this Shelter in Place is over, we all want to get back on track; that’s why we created the September Intensive program. Whether you need to loose 5, 10 or 40+ pounds, with your own dedicated coach, daily inspiration and team support, you will breeze through September with glorious success. We may even start this year in August 2020.

September Intensives Includes:

Your Weigh-Loss Success Coaches Diane Vetterlein & LynAnn King

Your Weight-Loss Success Coaches
Diane Vetterlein & LynAnn King

  • 30 days of hCG Product
    Injections and Sublingual
  • In-Person meeting with your coach or Zoom, FaceTime, Phone
  • Daily Check-in texting
  • Customized exercise challenge
  • Alterations advice
  • Traveling on protocol tips

It’s about the Inches & the Pounds.

We love putting together this program for you, that keeps you motivated, on track for success with daily support and inspiration.

Will you join us? Call/Text or email us today to be part of this journey.

Both LynAnn and Diane had gained that middle age bulge, trying every diet and thought they were destined to accept their matronly bodies and “just age gracefully!”
No way! Being introduced to this weight-loss cure a decade ago, and armed with their own downsizing success and those of all their friends, they became success coaches. They studied and read everything about the hCG diet protocol, and brought countless new clients on board with a measurable track record of success; reaching and keeping their college weights. They are both passionate about helping others reach their goals. They both continue to build a community of supportive clients and fans, with fun and informative events.

Beauty and the Beast Now – Efficient and Permanent Weight Loss

Join our growing hCG’ers email newsletters where we share in cooking tips, tasty recipes and healthy lifestyle tips. Be inspired for each phase: Phase 1–Cleanse, Phase 2–Downsizing, Phase 3–Maintenance and Exercise, and Phase 4–The Rest of your Life.

Stay connected! Stay inspired! Stay Thin! – We announce our events in our monthly newsletter, along with sharing new recipes and lifestyle tips.

Yes, we baked up a storm that afternoon.

We baked up legal delights.

Cooking Classes (Phase 2 & Phase 3)
Learn to cook tasty meals in 5! We are the masters of the 5-minute meal. Having delicious food at your fingertips is paramount to your success during Phase 2 Downsizing. During Phase 3, we learn to bake with almond and coconut flours.

After you’ve lost your weight, Phase 3 begins and we pull out the baking treats. You will be in high demand for special potlucks to bring them, because they are delicious and healthy.
We review your wish list and recipes, create your shopping list and then schedule this fun interactive baking day with just you.

Celebration!Navigating through Cocktail Parties | Ordering the right foods in Restaurants

A tuck here & there.Alterations Evening | Shop and Swap – Clear your closet of never-to-wear again large sizes and donate to others downsizing; get some new smaller sizes in the process; or make the ones you have fit to your new body.

 Handle the Beast within! Claim your Beauty Now!